Who is Shizuki Asato san I can hear a lot of you say? If you are a Takarazuka fan, then you will certainly know who she is. She’s a retired top star of the Takarazuka Review Company – an extremely good and talented top star, one of my favourites. I love her extraordinary voice and her sense of fun and enjoyment in her roles was always a joy.   Read more

On Sale in Japan!

Think of bookshops in this country today.

What do you think of?   Read more

George Orwell

If any writers out there happen to pass by my blog, I’d like to tell you about a place that may interest or even inspire you.   Read more

My Book On Kindle At Last!

My book, Cherry Blossoms, Sushi and Takarazuka, Seven Years in Japan, is now on Kindle – only a year or so later than it’s paperback publication.

How could I be so remiss you may ask?   Read more

ARK in Japan

I’ve been doing something very unusual recently, in fact, something I never thought I’d ever do.   Read more

Catching Up!

As you can guess, I am not a blogophile. It’s been a long time since my first blog, sorry about that for any of you who are interested!

Part of the delay was because I was supposed to be taking over the running of my own website – Ha!   Read more