‘It’s not going to happen to us, is it? We’ll be different.’

But how long can love last against the social unrest of the South Wales mining valleys? It is the early 20th century, when gruelling poverty and the cruelty of mine owners takes its toll on families and the love within them.

And for a horrified Kate, there is the burden of a shameful secret.

Can she find the deep inner strength she needs or lose everything?

Then she discovers the rocking stone.

Available in paperback or as an ebook

‘The author’s depiction of life in this now vanished mining community is impressive as is her gift for dialogue and description. The surprise ending is extremely satisfying.’

Historical Novel Society

‘A moving story which I found impossible to put down. It’s full of the drama and tensions of good and bad characters which I found utterly fascinating and moving. It is a wonderful love story too. If you love a good yarn then this book is for you. ’

Jeffrey Holland, Actor

‘I was inexorably pulled into the story. An absorbing read evoking its time and place with a totally convincing reality.’


(Society of Women Writers and Journalists)

‘I absolutely loved this. It’s original with a strong theme and lots of social history’

Margaret Kaine, award winning author

‘A very good read. I lived alongside, Kate, the main character, and the social history is so interesting. The place and period is evoked brilliantly.’

Merryn Allingham