George Orwell

If any writers out there happen to pass by my blog, I’d like to tell you about a place that may interest or even inspire you.  

Nestling at the foot of the magnificent South Downs, in a most beautiful spot, is the Chalk Farm Hotel, Willingdon, Eastbourne. Now I hasten to add that I have no connection to the hotel and only went there recently for a charity ‘do’, but I was enchanted. Not only with the building and the setting, but because of its close connection with George Orwell.

He is reputed to have written Animal Farm here, when this 17th century building was a farmhouse, using the surrounding area and people for inspiration. Appropriately, the building abuts a farm, which must have one of the most beautiful landscapes in Britain. And all within a daisy’s throw of houses and roads, which seem to melt into the background without any effort as you get wrapped up in the immediate atmosphere.

A glorious garden for sunny days completes the picture as long as you don’t coincide with the many weddings the hotel hosts. You could end up being the ‘mystery’ guest that shows up on all photos but who no one knows!

And if that’s not enough for you, the hotel has a very useful function as a training place in hotel duties for people with Down’s Syndrome.

As I said, I have no connection with this hotel and am not promoting or recommending it, but I’m mentioning it because of its unique attraction to writers, its inspiring position, and I had a jolly good time there!