How can an ordinary, poor family become servants to royalty? You cannot just knock on their door and ask for a job.

In 1788, this is what happens to the Dresser family. Father, Jack, is an ordinary foot soldier at the end of his fighting service and due to injury unable to find work. His family face destitution. His son, William, is a young man with adventure and excitement on his mind and rails against a slow, safe life. His sister, Anne, feels her extraordinary beauty is her curse as men from all stations in life are attracted to her. And she doesn’t want them.

They all become servants to Frederick, Duke of York, the beloved brother of the Prince Regent.

And this is how it happens …

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‘An enjoyable read’

Historical Novel Society

‘Enthralling and evocative. A fascinating portrayal of an era’

Margaret Kaine, Award winning author

‘Plenty of drama and humour. It opened up an authentic new world for me. I loved it’

Amazon reviewer