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Peter James

A month or so ago, I went into my local Oxfam bookshop and bought a Peter James Book. This was the first time I’d read him and as I settled down all comfy with coffee and biscuits full of anticipation of a good read, something fell out of the book. It was a Euro Millions […]


If I don’t write it down I don’t remember it. Now I have sheets of scrap paper everywhere – their surfaces defaced with aide memoirs scribbled inelegantly across them.  

De-Cluttering Mystery

Has anyone seen a house floating in the sky recently? I swear it’s up there – and it’s mine! I’ve cleared out the loft, de-cluttered, de-nuded, de-homed countless spiders and other creepies from their secure and undisturbed abodes as box after box was emptied of its unloved contents, stuffed unceremoniously and without scruples into black […]


It’s the tenth anniversary of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. That dreadful event that took nearly a quarter of a million lives in such a cruel and terrifying way.  

Secret Samurai, Book One, Tangled Lives

NEW NOVEL PUBLISHED Anyone following my blogs will know that I’m not a blogger at heart. I need something to really push me before I’ll add to my store. I haven’t been moved recently, curled over my computer, lost in my own created universe. But as we all know, sooner or later, real life intrudes […]